The Aalto University School of Engineering has two-phase degree structure. Students complete first the Bachelor of Science (Technology) and after that Master of Science (Technology). Some students are selected straight to the Master's degree programmes and they complete only Master of Science degree. The School of Engineering offers also doctoral studies. There are two Master's programmes in the department of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics: Geomatics and Real Estate Economics.

The experts in geomatics work with spatial information and its applications – for example navigation and different kind of positioning technologies. Information technology and programming are highly important in this field where data collection, data management and models created from the data have a key role. The students will apply knowledge of visualising and analysing in spatial and time-related information as well as modelling of the environment 2- and 3-dimensionally.  Engineers with M.Sc. in Geoinformatics will work diversely in all the fields of society: from land use planning and map designing to surveying and making virtual models.

Bachelor’s programmes are available only in Finnish, Energia ja ympäristötekniikka.
Master's programme in Geoinformatics


The masters in real estate economics are experts in managing the most valuable asset in our country. The most diverse and widely ranged teaching in Finland provides the student with the abilities to work in expert, planning or management tasks both in private and public sector. The student will be familiarised with functions of the real estate market, valuation of real estate, execution of legal cadastral surveys and real property law. The knowledge of real estate investment, strategic management of real estate and the impacts of real estate in society give the student a firm base to work in significant positions, also on an international scale.

Bachelor’s programmes are available only in Finnish, Rakennettu ympäristö.
Master's programmes in Real Estate Investment and Finance (REIF) and Creative Sustainability in Real Estate (CS).


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