Aalto Built Environment Laboratory (ABE)
Contact person: aija.staffans [at] aalto [dot] fi (Aija Staffans)

Architects, New Public Management and Public Interest in Finnish Urban and Regional Planning (Finnish)
Contact person: raine.mantysalo [at] aalto [dot] fi (Raine Mäntysalo)

APRILAB Action-oriented Planning, Regulation and Investments Lab
Contact person: sirkku.wallin [at] aalto [dot] fi (Sirkku Wallin)

BALANCE – Balancing local politics, housing preferences and sustainability in the new detached housing areas in the rural-urban interaction zones (Finnish)
Contact person: mailto.raine.mantysalo [at] aalto [dot] fi (Raine Mäntysalo)

Climate Street – a test for climate friendly solutions
Contact person: simo.haanpaa [at] aalto [dot] fi (Simo Haanpää)

Housing regime of Sweden
Contact person: christer.bengs [at] aalto [dot] fi (Christer Bengs)

Living Lab Bus (Finnish)
Contact person: markku.norvasuo [at] aalto [dot] fi (Markku Norvasuo)

Contact person: markku.norvasuo [at] aalto [dot] fi (Markku Norvasuo)

NORD-STAR − Nordic Centre of Excellence for Strategic Adaptation Research
Contact person: sirkku.juhola [at] aalto [dot] fi (Sirkku Juhola)

Rule-based urban planning and agent-based modelling (PEKA)
Contact person: aija.staffans [at] aalto [dot] fi (Aija Staffans)

SCENSLECO – Strategic spatial planning with momentum gaining scenario: legitimacy contested
Contact person: vesa.kanninen [at] aalto [dot] fi (Vesa Kanninen)

Social Responsible Crowdsourcing for Environmental Research and Decision-Making (iResponse)
Contact person: marketta.kytta [at] aalto [dot] fi (Marketta Kyttä)

Spire Surroundings
Contact person: pasi.maenpaa [at] aalto [dot] fi (Pasi Mäenpää)


Resilient suburb − Building sustainable homes and neighbourhoods for the future
Contact person: markku.norvasuo [at] aalto [dot] fi (Markku Norvasuo)

Economics & Built Heritage (EBHeritage)
Contact person: mikko.malkki [at] aalto [dot] fi (Mikko Mälkki)

ESPON BSR-TeMo – Territorial Monitoring for the Baltic Sea Region
Contact person: tomas.hanell [at] aalto [dot] fi (Tomas Hanell)

ARTTU Evaluation project on the Paras reform of local government and services − sub-project ‘Functionality of the urban structure’
Contact person: raine.mantysalo [at] aalto [dot] fi (Raine Mäntysalo)

ESPON Climate: Climate change and territorial effects on regions and local economies
Contact person: sirkku.juhola [at] aalto [dot] fi (Sirkku Juhola)

Everyday urbanity − Planning urban spaces for the smooth, diverse and healthy everyday life
Contact person: [at] aalto [dot] fi (Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé)

Kids Out! − Urban environments and physical activity among children and adolescents
Contact person: marketta.kytta [at] aalto [dot] fi (Marketta Kyttä)

Participatory Glocal Community (PALCO)
Contact person: liisa.horelli [at] aalto [dot] fi (Liisa Horelli)

SPIRE Smart Parking for Intelligent Real Estate
Yhteyshenkilö: vesa.kanninen [at] aalto [dot] fi (Vesa Kanninen)

Experiences on projects promoting sustainable lifestyles in Nordic countries

Car dependent urban structure and its alternatives

Climate Change: Impacts, Costs and Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region (BaltCICA) (Finnish)

FVH Ubiquitous Helsinki (Finnish)

How Students Live and Dwell in France and EU

New methods for mediating land-use planning conflicts

Place based people-environment research − softGIS approach in research concerning inhabitant friendly, health supportive environments

Resident oriented evaluation of the renovation projects in the suburbs – case Maunula

Shopping Centres as part of Sustainable Consumption and Urban Structure

Suburban diversity and attraction (MOVE)

Survey to the members of the Finnish Association of Architects

The unfulfilled promise of Finnish urbanity

Urban happiness − the ecosocial sustainability of urban environment

URBA The Future Concepts of Urban Housing

Urban environment and chidren’s mobility

Visions of residential futures (VISURF): Housing in Transformation 2008−2011 (Finnish)


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