Real Estate Research Group (REG)

During the last few decades, the field of real estate has formed into its own scientific discipline. As the only such university unit in Finland, the real estate economics research group covers comprehensively the field of real estate.

The foundation for the real estate discipline is formed by a three-dimensional ownership and management system of land and water areas. Apart from its direct real estate form on the housing and office markets, the field has its corporate form there, and the markets are global. Real estate constitutes 70% of our national wealth, employs 20% of the labour force and is responsible for 50% of the chances to adapt to the climate change. The real estate economics research group consists of four professors, six post-doctoral researchers and about 30 doctoral students. The group is responsible for the education arrangements in the Bachelor's Programme in Built Environment and in the Master's Programmes in Real Estate Economics and, in cooperation, in the Master's Programme in Creative Sustainability. Descriptions of the professorships in the research group:

Real Estate Business deals with, for example, real estate investment and business, real estate management and management skills in the sector. (Professor Seppo Junnila)

Real estate economics and valuation is concerned with the operation mechanisms and theories of real estate economics, real estate valuation, value formation, operations of land, housing and office markets, as well as investments. (Professor Kauko Viitanen)

Land management is concerned with the maintenance and development of cadastral systems, real estate supply, land policy and real estate structure design. (Professor Arvo Vitikainen)

Economic law is responsible especially for teaching and research of environmental and economic real estate law at Aalto University.  (Professor Ari Ekroos)


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