From information to wisdom in land use

Land use is a term signifying different ways of land utilization and use. The Department of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics educates experts and produces information on various areas of land use. The department's special strength is the internationally unique combination of land survey sciences (geoinformatics and real estate economics) with land use planning. This combination enables new research approaches, such as the use of high-quality spatial analyses in dealing with challenges in real estate management and land use planning. It builds managerial capacity in dealing with various environmental and societal challenges associated with land use. In a complex work and operational environment, broad understanding of social, judicial, economic and technological systems is required.

The department's research fields form three groups: the Real Estate Research Group approaches land use from the perspectives of real estate markets and investment, land management and environmental law. The Land Use and Urban Studies Group, YTK, approaches land use from the perspective of spatial and land use planning, and the related participatory processes, as well as the associated perceptual and social aspects of the living environment. The Geoinformatics Research Group surveys and models land and built environment surfaces and spaces, analyzes and visualizes the collected information and develops related technologies.

The Department of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics is a community with a staff of over 100, including approximately 50 doctoral students and 11 tenure track professors. About 550 students study in the degree programmes.

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